Maybe you just need a little help.
Someone who listens.
Someone who understands.
Someone trained to
help you get your life back.
Someone to
help you find contentment.

Through individualized counseling

or psychotherapy,
we can improve your quality of life.

Together, we can reduce your emotional pain,
adjust your outlook,
and find your smile again.

Together, we'll
help you create change to feel content and confident as quickly as possible.



On Deck Counseling

Iris Kuykendall, LPCS

There's no reason to continue feeling bad.
You count!
Why continue to live with 
anxiety  or depression?

Take advantage of a free

10-minute phone consult

send an email * to let me know the best time to contact you,
schedule an appointment online with

Iris Kuykendall  at www.schedule.care

* Provide only your first name, phone number, and the best time to call you, as confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Feel like you've been  hit by a curve ball you weren't expecting?

Want life to be better - like it  used to be?

Feel like you're trying to get stuff done but you're moving through  molasses?

Tired  of not feeling like yourself?

You've tried, really tried to handle this on your own, but it's getting  harder.

Trauma  can be disabling.

Fear  limits choices.

Panic attacks interrupt daily activities.